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The Autonomy Insurance Project

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  • Autonomy insurance proposes moving resources and services to where people experiencing loss of autonomy live.

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  • The autonomy insurance project proposes a service plan that takes individual capabilities and family assistance into account.

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  • With autonomy insurance, those experiencing loss of autonomy will participate in the choice of the services they receive, as well as their providers.

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  • Autonomy insurance provides additional support to family caregivers by offering them a range of services.

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  • "The purpose of autonomy insurance is to adapt our health system to the aging of the population. Putting the priority on home care is a responsible solution to meeting the social and economic challenge that this situation poses. Most importantly, it is a response to a wish widely expressed by seniors."

    Réjean Hébert
    Ministre de la Santé et des Services sociaux
    Ministre responsable des Aînés

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